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David Lynch, Rhiannon L. Cosslett - Trauma: Essays on Art and Mental Health

David Lynch, Rhiannon L. Cosslett - Trauma: Essays on Art and Mental Health

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Trauma: Writing about art and mental health will include contributions from a range of well respected authors, such as Neil Griffiths, Kirsty Logan, Sophie Mackintosh, Rhiannon L Cosslett, Monique Roffey, Alex Pheby, Marina Benjamin, Juliet Jacques, Tamim Sadikali and the film-maker David Lynch. The essays will range from the personal to the political, from the raw to the reflective, exploring topics such as grief, insomnia, anxiety, schizophrenia, meditation, abusive relationships, work, and the relationship between madness and creativity. Emma Jane Unsworth's essay will focus on post-natal depression; James Miller's will explore the impact of Trump and the political climate on our collective mental health; David Lynch's essay will explore the healing benefits of Transcendental Meditation. Matt Haig's successful books have demonstrated a huge appetite for mental health, but we are aiming at a more literary readership who want to think about the issues with greater depth. This will be the first anthology exploring this issue published in the UK. The anthology will be edited by Thom Cuell and Sam Mills.

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