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Gustavus Hindman Miller - 10,000 Dreams Interpreted

Gustavus Hindman Miller - 10,000 Dreams Interpreted

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This classic work, considered to be the all-time greatest dictionary of dreams and their symbolism ever compiled, has astounded readers since it was first published over a century ago. Compiled painstakingly by author Gustavus Hindman Miller, 10,000 Dreams Interpreted is the Bible of dream interpretation, and is an invaluable resource in the search for understanding and meaning in our nightly sojourns. Wheteher you read it as a mystical manual, or a Freudian study of the subconscious, 10,000 Dreams Interpreted is THE key to unlocking the mystery of those baffling and unsettling mental movies that manifest themselves during the REM phase of our slumbering hours. Unlock the meaning behind your dreams, and find the solution to fears, phobias, and the mysteries of life.

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