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Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph. D. - How Can I Forgive You

Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph. D. - How Can I Forgive You

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Until now, we've been taught that forgiveness is good for us and that good people forgive. Dr. Janis Abrahms Spring, a gifted clinical psychologist and award-winning author of After the Affair, proposes a radical, life-affirming alternative that lets us overcome the corrosive effects of hate and get on with our lives-without forgiving. She also offers a powerful and unconventional model for earning genuine forgiveness-one that asks as much of the offender as it does of the hurt party.

Beautifully written and filled with insight, practical advice, and poignant case studies, this bold and healing book offers step-by-step, concrete instructions that help us make peace with others and ourselves, while answering such crucial questions as these:

How do I forgive someone who is unremorseful or dead?
When is forgiveness cheap?
Can I heal myself - without forgiving?
How can the offender earn forgiveness?
What makes for a good apology?
How do we forgive ourselves for hurting another human being?

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