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Laurence Gardner - Realm of the Ring Lord

Laurence Gardner - Realm of the Ring Lord

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Būklė - gera, turi išorinių dėmėlių


This title brings together the mysteries of the legendary quests for the One Ring (the ring that governed all kingdoms) and the Holy Grail, full of Arthurian romance, myth, fantasy and fable. It relates the lore of Tolkien to historical fact, and attempts to determine who was the original Lord of the Rings.;Who were the Ring Lords? They were the ancient race (4,000 BC) from whom the Kings of Ireland and the early Kings of Scots emerged. Gardner reveals the Ring Lords as the ancestors of both King Arthur and of Euro-Asian culture as a whole, debunking the traditional belief in the sources of Greece and Rome. The enchanting history of the ancient Ring Lords has been preserved in mythological tales of battles between good and evil. This book explores this netherworld of fantasy and fable, appealing to fans of the Arthurian myths. Gardner also reveals that well-known characters such as King Arthur and Robin Hood originate in the time-honoured realm of the Scythian Ring Lords.

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