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Luca Turin, Tania Sanchez - Perfumes: The Guide

Luca Turin, Tania Sanchez - Perfumes: The Guide

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It also features introductions to women's and men's fragrances, to trends and to history and chemistry; a glossary and many 'Top Ten' lists; and an informative section on frequently asked questions. A truly unique and useful guide, one written with a passion for its subject, and a perfect gift. SAMPLE EXTRACTS Chinatown (Bond. No. 9) ***** gourmand chypre The endearingly plucky firm of Bond No. 9 has produced its first masterpiece ... like a corner of a small French grocery in summer. A treasure in a beautiful bottle. Hugo (Hugo Boss) ** unexciting lavender Dull but competent ... suggestive of a day filled with strategy meetings. Gardenia (Chanel) * not gardenia ...a thoroughly unpleasant, loud airport-toilet floral.

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