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Mike Kryzewski - Leading with the Heart

Mike Kryzewski - Leading with the Heart

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Few leaders have inspired teams as successfully as Mike Krzyzewski.' Forbes 'His approach to business reflects his basketball coaching philosophy: the winning formula is teamwork.' Financial Times 'Riveting and incredibly informative ... Coach K will provide inspiration for the toughest of moments, and how to execute a comeback under pressure.' GQ Australia In this informative and inspirational book, Coach K explains how he motivates peak performances from his players, relying on lessons he learned as a captain in the US Army and applied over four decades as the head of Duke basketball. Throughout his career, Coach K's ethos centred around fostering an environment and culture that focussed on openness, hard work and cooperation to ensure excellence on and off the court. Through his innate understanding of teamwork and mutual respect, this rediscovered bestseller will teach everyone, everywhere, how to get the best performance out of themselves and their team.

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