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Scott Snyder - Batman: Endgame (NAUJA)

Scott Snyder - Batman: Endgame (NAUJA)

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Būklė - nauja, komiksas


Batman's greatest foe has returned for one last gag. But this time, not even the Joker is laughing. In their last encounter, the Dark Knight failed to live up to Joker's grand plans, so now the Joker is deadly serious. The games are over. And everything is on the table.

In their most intense, physical showdown ever, nothing is sacred to the Joker-the Dark Knight's family, friends, allies, home base and those he holds most dear... everyone is a target. The Clown Prince of Crime isn't staging a comedy, it's a dark tragedy.

The #1 New York Times best-selling team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo create the ultimate face-off between the greatest hero and villain in all of comics in Batman Volume 7: Endgame-and it's no laughing matter. Collects stories from Batman #35-40.

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