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Susie Hodge - How to Draw People

Susie Hodge - How to Draw People

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Drawing people is generally considered one of the most difficult subjects to draw. There is so much to think about: proportion, posture and balance, how to make clothes look convincing and how to capture other elusive qualities that give figure drawings life and likeness. This book shows you all you need to know and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. With a little practice and patience you will achieve instant results and find that drawing people is one of the most rewarding subjects. Susie Hodge shows just how easy drawing people is, in a series of ten progressive demonstrations. These are done in a variety of media and concentrate on various aspects of drawing people - getting the features and proportions right, studying the shape, character and personality, capturing movement and foreshortening. After detailing the tools and materials required, Susie covers all the basic techniques needed to draw people successfully. A complete beginner will be amazed at what they can achieve by following the demonstrations and learning from the tips, tricks and know-how of the experienced artist.

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