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Anne Stevenson - Bitter Fame: A Life of Sylvia Plath

Anne Stevenson - Bitter Fame: A Life of Sylvia Plath

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This will be the first major biography of Sylvia Plath to be published in the UK, and will radically differ from the commonly held view of her tragic life (and death) by shifting the blame away from Ted Hughes and suggesting Plath's deep-rooted personality difficulties. An American poet now living in London, and of the same generation as Plath, Anne Stevenson is particularly well-suited to write about Plath's upbringing and education, and also to suggest her literary momentos she has also talked to many people who knew Plath and Hughes well in London, and who previously have not gone on record (eg. the wife of American poet W.S.Merwin with whom they stayed for a long spell in France). This shows every sign of being an exciting, controversial biography, which should receive a great deal of attention.

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