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Cormac McCarthy - The Councellor (NAUJA)

Cormac McCarthy - The Councellor (NAUJA)

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Būklė - nauja, scenarijus


A man, unnamed, wants to be rich. So entranced is he by this need, and the desire to impress his fiancée, that he works his contacts to become involved in a high-risk game: drug-smuggling across the US-Mexico border.

His contacts in the cocaine trade are mysterious, corrupt and seductive. They speak of a device called 'the bolito' which, around the neck of its victim, constricts and decapitates. They warn of the Mexican cartels, whose brutality is without mercy.

And so it is, as the action crosses into Mexico, the Counselor's life becomes darker, more violent and more sexually disturbing than he had imagined possible. Deft and shocking, The Counselor is a tale of the treacherous balance between risk and consequence.

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