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Easy Peasy DK - Chinese Workbook

Easy Peasy DK - Chinese Workbook

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A practical fill-in workbook for beginners learning Mandarin Chinese with everyday words, essential vocabulary, and hands-on practice. A fascination introduction to the Chinese writing system, Easy Peasy Chinese Workbook shows you how to write more than 200 of the most useful characters. This straightforward workbook helps to develop and perfect Mandarin Chinese writing skills and is the perfect companion to DK's Easy Peasy Chinese.
Sections follow a logical progression, starting with different character strokes and everyday words, such as "hello" and "thank you", and progressing to the essential vocabulary needed to tell the time, order in a restaurant, or buy a train ticket. For children aged 7+ who are learning Mandarin at school, and for adults learning the language for travel, this book is ideal for beginners of all ages. Its clear modern design, inventive visuals and clear explanations make learning Chinese both accessible and fun!

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