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Eliza Williams - This is Advertising

Eliza Williams - This is Advertising

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This is Advertising addresses the changes that are occurring within advertising, from the perspective of key figures within the industry. It provides a useful, informative guide to some of the latest developments in the field today. The book is split into five chapters, which deal with the main themes relevant to the advertising industry today: Digital, Branded, Ambient, Integrated and Self-Initiated. Each contains a series of case studies presented through a short text, illustrations and captions. An overall introduction to the book and to each section offer an overview of the subject by the author. Ten interviews by a selection of leading advertising figures provide a number of different perspectives, as well as various feature quotes throughout. The book is visually impressive while also providing solid information about the significant changes taking place in advertising now. It is aimed at those working within the industry, students and anyone with a broader interest in the subject.

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