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Nick Arnold - Horrible Science: Painful Poison

Nick Arnold - Horrible Science: Painful Poison

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Science with the squishy bits left in|Painful Poison will dish up a deadly dose| Are you brave enough todiscover:* how to turn your brother or sister into a zombie slave?* why you are breathing in poison right now?* what is the secret of the vomit goblet?If you think you can stomach the sick side of Science, then readon as we get wise to the wicked world of killer chemicals. Trackdown vile villains as a poison detective, meet snakes, spiders andother poison pets and discover the dreadful details of the GruesomeGuide. With fantastic fact files, quirky quizzes and crazy cartoons,Painful Poison is reading to die for|Science has never been so horrible|The complete lowdown on this fascinating and diverse subject. A GruesomeGuide to Poison will cover everything from plants and creaturesthat use poison for attack and defence to poisons that areaffecting our planet such as car pollution, radiation and the resultof burning off fossil fuels. With lost lab notes, and terribletales, like the Victorian arsenic murders and the story aboutthe Arctic survivors who were poisoned by eating polar bear livers,this is perfect subject matter for Horrible Science

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