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Sarah Moore - Homemade Gifts Vintage Style

Sarah Moore - Homemade Gifts Vintage Style

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Shops and markets selling vintage furniture and trinkets are an absolute treasure trove for anyone looking to inject some character and charm into their home without spending a fortune. Homemade Gifts Vintage Style takes this one step further by inspiring you to make or customize your own vintage wares and present them as gifts. Rather than throwing out worn jumpers and blankets, give them a new lease of life by turning them into cute animals for children's birthdays. Instead of ditching cushions that have seen better days, why not transform them into something unique with colorful and eclectic vintage fabrics? Sarah Moore shows you how with easy-to-follow photographs accompanied by simple instructions. Projects can be sewn by hand or accomplished with one simple stitch on a sewing machine so they are suitable for all abilities. With their colorful vintage look these projects make the perfect gifts for any occasion. They're so lovely that you'll have to resist the temptation to keep them for yourself.

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