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Stephen King - Full Dark, No Stars

Stephen King - Full Dark, No Stars

Įprasta kaina €7,00 EUR
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Is it possible to fully know anyone? Even those we love the most? What tips someone over the edge to commit a crime?

In '1922', a story which was adapted into a Netflix original film, a Nebraska farmer, the turning point comes when his wife threatens to sell off the family homestead.

In 'Big Driver', a cozy mystery writer plots a savage revenge after a brutal encounter with a stranger.

In 'Fair Extension', Dave Streeter gets the chance to cure himself from illness - if he agrees to impose misery on an old rival.

In 'A Good Marriage', Darcy Anderson discovers a box containing her husband's dark and terrifying secrets - he's not the man who keeps his nails short and collects coins. And now he's heading home.

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