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Tarjei Vesaas - The Ice Palace

Tarjei Vesaas - The Ice Palace

Įprasta kaina €5,00 EUR
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Būklė - labai gera


In rural Norway, one evening after school, 11-year-old Siss and Unn strike up a deep and unusual bond. When the next day Unn sets off into the wintry woods in search of a mysterious frozen waterfall, known locally as the "ice palace," and does not return, a devastated Siss takes it upon herself to find her missing friend. The Ice Palace is one of the most memorable achievements in modern literature thanks in large part to Vesaas's unique command of a sparse, figurative, and fragmentary style. As part of the new and improved Peter Owen Cased Classics series, this edition features a false die cutting in the shape of an ice shard on the dust jacket, while printed on the cover board is the work of acclaimed contemporary artist Kaye Donachie.

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