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Victor Lucas - Jane Austen

Victor Lucas - Jane Austen

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One of England's foremost writers and novelists, there are few authors more beloved than Jane Austen with her observations, wit and style.

This Pitkin biography covers her life from childhood to the happiness and sadness of later years. Growing up, the Austen children were voracious readers from young ages, but Jane stood out as a writer from 10 or 11 years old, as well as being an excellent dancer and a lover of the ballroom. A turning point in her life came in 1811, with the publication of Sense and Sensibility, the first of her novels. Her work won great acclaim and popularity with some, including the Prince Regent, yet her illness and family's financial disasters cast a shadow over the end of her life.

Sure to delight both visitors to her home in Hampshire and readers of her novels, this guide gives a comprehensive history of the much-loved author and her work. Colour photographs, contemporary illustrations and photographs of artefacts from Austen's life all create a vivid and informative image of the famous author and her life in Regency England.

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